It’s Not Just Privacy,
It’s Cyber Defense

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StealthTalk Application
StealthTalk Application

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If you want your confidential messages and calls to be protected by the same technology used by military and emergency services to communicate securely during mission-critical operations, then you should try StealthTalk today.

Additional reasons why you should try this solution:

StealthTalk is a digital soundproof conference room designed to provide truly private space to discuss projects, strategic plans, deals, taxes, and private matters. It’s perfect for holding confidential business meetings.

Businessmen worldwide use StealthTalk to make untraceable calls and send undecipherable messages that remain invisible, even to the most sophisticated hackers.

StealthTalk is designed to meet the needs of professionals and their businesses, and makes it amazingly simple to communicate securely.

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StealthTalk Application
StealthTalk Application

FREE 14-Day Trial. Starting at $9.95/month after

Discuss confidential matters here and now instead of scheduling a meeting in person

1 hour

Without StealthTalk

1 second

With StealthTalk

Send sensitive photos without concerns of them being intercepted or leaked

Privately chat and say whatever you want knowing it cannot be intercepted and used against you

Consumer Messengers


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StealthTalk Application
StealthTalk Application

FREE 14-Day Trial. Starting at $9.95/month after

More Reasons To Use StealthTalk Everyday

Superior Security

Save Time, Reduce Travel, Minimize Risks

With StealthTalk, you no longer need to resort to meeting in person to discuss sensitive topics.

Forget about taking meetings in the middle of nowhere, without cellular coverage or another soul in sight.

No more risks of speaking in intentionally vague language over unsecure cellular networks.

Superior Security

Inherently Superior Technology

Over 14 years of professional telecommunications experience went into the creation of Cyber Defense Technology behind StealthTalk.

The same technology has been used to ensure the protection of military telecommunications and emergency services correspondence in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.


Stay Under The Radar

StealthTalk Technology makes it impossible to intercept, block or wiretap your messages and calls because in StealthTalk data packets cannot be distinguished from any other Internet traffic on your device, not to mention them being collected or decrypted.


Blockchain On Guard Of Your Privacy

Blockchain technology is incorporated to halt wiretapping and prevent surveillance-enabling man-in-the-middle attacks from third parties.


Comply With Privacy Laws

StealthTalk is regulatory compliance-ready. You can use StealthTalk to discuss a sensitive subject and exchange personal information with your clients knowing the safety is ensured.


This Message Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds...

Don’t want the recipient to have lifetime access to the message? Set self-destruct timer and all traces of the sensitive message will be automatically removed when the time runs out.


Hold The Keys To The City

The weakest link in consumer-oriented private messengers is the exchange of encryption keys.

In StealthTalk, key servers simply do not exist and all encryption keys are securely created only on the device.

StealthTalk’s approach to encryption keys management ensures the encryption keys to your data cannot be compromised, because they never leave your device.


What Happens On Your Phone Stays On Your Phone

StealthTalk is designed with privacy in mind, so all encryption happens locally on your device.

It even protects your data from the operating system of your phone, so nobody can access your secrets.


Provide Security For Partners, Clients & Family For FREE

With select plans, you receive additional licenses to provide communication safety for your business partners, clients, and family free of additional charges. No extra fees required.


Be On The Safe Side

States cannot force StealthTalk to share your data, as your encrypted conversations and metadata are never stored on StealthTalk servers or anywhere else except on your own device.

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StealthTalk Application
StealthTalk Application

FREE 14-Day Trial. Starting at $9.95/month after

What Other Successful Businessmen Say About StealthTalk


I liked the idea that data can't be intercepted and put together, not to mention decrypted. If there is no data, there is nothing to decipher.

I now make at least half the business trips I used to. I just make Stealth Calls.

The app has some bugs, but ultimately StealthTalk buys me time. And my time is worth much more than the subscription fee so it's a no brainer to me.

- O.D.


Before choosing a secure messenger, my business partners and I have decided to examine available private messengers on the market.

We hired a whitehat hacker who discovered that almost all of them are vulnerable to data interception except one which is only secure when specific conditions are met. Those conditions make it inconvenient for everyday communication.

When a partner referred me to StealthTalk I was immediately impressed by the security it offered.

Plus, the concept of impossibility of data being intercepted and collected sounds exciting.

- A.B.


I used to buy hardware devices for secure communication. They were bulky, hard to carry, offered poor call quality and when they broke, they cost thousands to repair.

I never considered secure messengers as an option. These apps are built by mathematicians who know a thing or two about cryptography but have never been in a ring with a hacker. They have no idea how hackers operate, which tools they use, or the means they have at their disposal.

That's why there are so many "secure messenger hacked" headlines out there.

The military can't afford such technology mishaps which is exactly why StealthTalk got my attention.

I am no expert, but their approach seems smart. Hiding packages within regular internet traffic, breaking and scrambling the data, using encrypted memory to protect against OS surveillance or spyware.

StealthTalk gives me peace of mind and saves the trouble of carrying an extra device on me.

- D.B.


StealthTalk already proved to be a worthy investment as it saved me hours of precious time. I no longer have to sit in traffic for hours every time I need to discuss private business with someone.

I still prefer other messengers for basic chats and groups. Can't wait for secure groups to make it to StealthTalk.

Most of all, I appreciate finally having a messenger I can trust with my business.

- B.D.

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StealthTalk Application
StealthTalk Application

FREE 14-Day Trial. Starting at $9.95/month after