Private Messenger

To ensure the integrity and privacy of your communication, StealthTalk utilizes multi-channel data routing—data is encrypted, scrambled, and pushed through a plurality of media channels and nodes. The unique approach to the transfer of data packets rules out the possibility of message interception and makes calls wiretap-proof. With StealthTalk, you can discuss confidential matters without the concern of them being used against you.

Our Story

Security and telecommunications are in our DNA. We have spent over a decade ensuring communication security, privacy, and reliability for military and emergency response services. Now our team has decided to adapt the Cyber Defense Technology for the commercial sector and create a truly private messenger for the needs of professionals.

Our Background

StealthTalk was founded by experts in the field of professional telecommunications. Since 2002, we have been developing secure, mission-critical solutions for high-profile clientele in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.