Secure Instant Messaging App for Business ‒ StealthTalk

3 Aug 2020

Secure Instant Messaging App for Business ‒ StealthTalk

Secure instant messaging for business is something that many entrepreneurs look for, but cannot find easily. Why is that?

One of the main reasons is deeply tied to the warped perception of privacy and security, and the overestimation of financial influence on those rights. Economy, business, life don’t run on money as much as society led us to believe. 

Everything ran, runs, and will run on trust, this impalpable feeling we don’t experience enough in our everyday life. 

Trust is something even the most influential people in this world lack and look for through a monocle of skepticism. 

Why You Should Look for Secure Instant Messaging

Those who seemingly “have it all” cannot enjoy the fruit of their labor because they lack trust in people, knowledge, relationships, and reality. 

Doubt is the beginning of wisdom, and the root of doubt is your faith ‒ something you can't buy on the market or gain in a snap of fingers. We can’t buy trust because it is invaluable, and life would be too easy if that was possible. 

But instead, we can choose a foundation where that trust can be built on with time.

We can debate about the essence of life, whether we earn or grant trust, but one thing about the trust we can say with utmost confidence ‒ it’s hard to trust when all you know from your past serves as evidence that you shouldn’t trust anybody

In the age of constant data leaks, big hacks and mass surveillance trust deficits grow by the minute. 

It is a scary trend, but we can set a new one with our choices.

Technology That Enables Secure Instant Messaging for Business

StealthTalk is an instant messaging for business where no single person or entity has complete control.

It doesn’t belong to the government, nor is it dependent on its donations ‒ StealthTalk and user information belong only to its users. Even developers of StealthTalk don’t have control over data that runs through the app, as data is encrypted on the client's device. 

In StealthTalk, your contacts can’t backtrack or change any details in the past conversations, which only helps create an atmosphere for honest and trustworthy communication. StealthTalk gives you a chance to have clear communication literally, as the quality of the calls is second to none. 

This security model helps make every business aspect profitable, as you spend less time on communication arrangements, negotiation aspects of the dialogue, and even legal compliance. Here you won’t find fancy stickers, notifications informing someone you have just joined, or channels providing you with the latest news. 

Just a platform to talk and chat without a spare pair of eyes and ears.

StealthTalk is for people in need of information security as a job requirement, and not a way to enable a job they would like to hide from others. StealthTalk is not an anonymous instant messenger, but it is private and liberal ‒ it wants to change the existing conditions.

Any Change Is Promoted by Liberalism

Trust can’t be bought nor earned with some action in a few minutes. 

That’s exactly why we don’t ask you to invest in our secure instant messenger solution but encourage you to invest some of your time to decide if it fits your needs. To do that, please consider starting your free 30-day trial today.

While the trial is free, we need to inform you that StealthTalk is a paid subscription service. The subscription fee is not charged automatically to ensure all payments are intentional.

We can’t influence your trust, because just like data, it belongs to you. We also believe that protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual is the most important thing. 

Government is necessary to protect individuals, but we also understand that the government itself can pose a threat to liberty. It’s also important to remember that your data is wanted for three reasons: to sell you something, to steal something from you, or to manipulate your opinion.

So why not form your own opinion today?

StealthTalk Application StealthTalk Application

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