Here Is Why Security Is An Asset, Not A Liability

3 Oct 2019

Here Is Why Security Is An Asset, Not A Liability

TL;DR: StealthTalk lets you discuss confidential matters here and now instead of scheduling expensive meetings in person.

As you know, the fundamentals of financial literacy include the understanding between an asset and a liability. An asset has money working for you, a liability—only adds expenses.

Inexperienced business people fall into the trap of labeling security as a liability, which only increases their monthly spending. Successful business people, however, recognize security as an asset. 

They know StealthTalk does not produce a direct return, yet it greatly reduces risks as well as puts time and money otherwise spent on business trips back in your pocket.

Follow these steps to get started with StealthTalk:

  1. Download and install StealthTalk on your device
StealthTalk Application StealthTalk Application

FREE 30-Day Trial. Starting at $5/month after

  1. Enter your phone number and allow access to your Contacts*

    *Your phone number is necessary for the creation of your StealthTalk account. Combined with the unique hash of your phone book, a digital fingerprint of your device ensures protection from impersonation and unauthorized access. You can find more details about digital the next article.

  1. Select a partner from the list of contacts and send an invite to get started

You are now one step closer to ensuring the privacy of your business communication with probably the most secure blockchain messenger on the market built to meet Special Ops’ security standards, using the same patented Stealth Technology that the military and emergency response services used to ensure telecommunications security during mission-critical operations.

However, there is still a lot you need to learn about the nature of existing threats, the trap of underperforming solutions, and the novelties that set StealthTalk apart.  

To find out why exactly StealthTalk needs your phone number and permission to view contacts, you can read the article “Do You Know These Reasons Why StealthTalk Needs Access To Your Contacts?” 

That article will explain how StealthTalk helps achieve Pentagon levels of security for your confidential calls and messages.

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