Do You Know These Reasons Why StealthTalk Needs Access To Your Contacts?

3 Oct 2019

Do You Know These Reasons Why StealthTalk Needs Access To Your Contacts?

TL;DR: Contact information always stays exclusively on your device. StealthTalk does not send, store or upload phone numbers anywhere under any circumstances. 

Let's get right into it. What is the phonebook information used for?

You need a way to see your trusted contacts who use StealthTalk. To achieve that StealthTalk requires permission to access your phonebook. 

When the access is granted, StealthTalk does not send or store the contents of your phonebook anywhere. Instead, it creates a unique hash for each phone number listed in your phonebook. This hash helps identify your trusted contacts without risking the exposure of phone numbers. 

Hash is like a data smoothie. 

You take any fruit (input), throw it in the blender (hashing function) and blend it until it becomes a delicious smoothie (hash). Unlike encryption, hashing is a one-way function. 

Your privacy is completely safe for the same reasons you can't 'unblend' a smoothie back into a fruit.  

In other words, once you have a person's phone number in your phonebook, and the person has your number in theirs, then (and only then) you will know the two of you are using StealthTalk. This is done to ensure your privacy and prevent untrusted parties from knowing you use StealthTalk. 

There is an additional security benefit to phonebook access. 

If StealthTalk—based on unique hash—identifies that a significant number of phonebook entries are missing from your device, it will automatically enforce an additional authentication factor to rule out the possibility of unauthorized third-party access. Again, to double-down on the privacy of your conversations.

This approach to phonebook use is only one of the reasons why StealthTalk is probably the first 100% secure private messenger on the market. 

StealthTalk is available for both Android and iOS users starting at only $5/month.
(A drop in the sea compared to the expenses unauthorized access to your confidential calls and messages can awake.)

Download now and start your free 30-day trial today to protect your business, friends, and family. 

StealthTalk Application StealthTalk Application

FREE 30-Day Trial. Starting at $5/month after

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